The skill of using segbot balance segway
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                       The skill of using segbot balance segway


Balance of electric segway is the use of dynamic balance principle to control the forward and backward high-tech intelligent products, with the tilt of the body, you can arbitrarily control the speed and direction of travel. Based on the basic principle of "dynamic stability" of the principle of its operation, with the built-in precision solid-state gyroscope to determine the posture of the body in which the state, through sophisticated and high-speed central microprocessor to calculate the appropriate instruction, the drive motor to achieve the balance effect. Balance electric segway  have been widely used by Chinese police.

First, open the power, wait for three seconds or so, let the gyroscope find balance before and after the push and pull the segway, the machine to confirm whether to open (not open wheel rocking, after the opening, not moved, can only forward and backward)

Two, confirm the power, wear protective gear, right foot on the right pedal segway, live on the upper end of the right leg, a little pressure swing around the knee, let the car before and after exercise, repeated practice, skilled control of the and then proceed to the next step action.

Three, on the front of the segway, the left leg kicking, leaning forward to the segway a little ahead of the compensation rate, right foot on the right pedal, and cannot stand still on the train or the body will not balance, let the segway in the segway ahead of the state of motion (when the principle is the same as riding bicycle)

Four, after the segway, the body slightly forward, legs stand up straight, chest rise, straight ahead (not bow segway) with open arms to find balance, gently press the toes, slowly forward, repeated practice. At the beginning will be crooked, learning about half an hour later will find the feeling, after one hour will be used freely, three hours after the segway one.

Five, exercise, leg swelling and pain will, this is because the novice is nervous, legs clamped friction caused by the segway, this is a normal phenomenon, after 35 days will disappear, skilled in riding technique, leg not close to the segway, the phenomenon does not exist

Six, want to slow down or stop, leaning back or toes up, the segway will slow down or stop completely, tilt or toe lift is greater, the segway speed faster, remind, when riding forward or brake action range should not be too large, so as not to fall. Don‘t be speeding up and rapid deceleration, not excessive pitch body.

Seven, the segway battery and control board are over speed protection, will be more than 12 kilometers per hour after the alarm, do not continue to accelerate.

Eight, after more than 18 kilometers per hour to stop power supply, this time the segway will be free movement state, very dangerous! Please do not drive!

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