Segway Tour at Epcot
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With a sense of anticipation, we embarked on the Segway Tour at Epcot.  We met over at Innoventions where our adventure was to begin.

During the orientation, we watched a video and our guide explained how to ride this unusual form of transportation. Next came fittings for the required helmets.  This introduction lasted about 10 minutes.

Our next stop was the Segway room. Within twenty minutes of the start of the tour we found ourselves on our very own Segway!  We were shown how to move forward, backward, stop and make turns. They take you though zig-zag patterns with cones, followed by a few circular laps to help you get you acquainted with the device.  We were also taught how to “walk” it over an obstacle that we would otherwise not be able to ride over safely.  (In other words, where you have to get off of the Segway to maneuver over or around an area.)

We were eager to test our Segway skills and off we went into Future World.  Even though we were focusing on our vehicle, we could see that we turned a few heads as we headed from Innoventions to the World Showcase. For the participants who were still a bit nervous, the Cast Members did a great job in making them comfortable.

Following our guide, and being monitored by spotters, we arrived at the World Showcase, which had not yet open to the public. We went from country to country on our Segways. Through the alleyways of Morocco, and even through the hedges surrounding the America Pavilion, our devices traversed the landscape. Anywhere you can walk through the World Showcase you can take your Segway.

It was an amazing experience to mix this futuristic mode of transportation with the historic atmosphere of the World Showcase.  As we reached each country, our guide gave us special tips and info about that land. Just watching the Cast Members prepare for the opening of this section of Epcot was a treat in itself. It was fascinating to watch this “behind the scenes” ritual unfold as we rode by.

After touring the World Showcase for approximately an hour, the fun really began. Now that we were “Segway Pros”, we rode back through Future World.  With more guests having arrived in Epcot, we zoomed by them listening to comments and having our pictures taken!  We were allowed to take photos ourselves, but to have strangers want to snap our pix; it became a real Disney experience.

One thing to keep in mind is that you’re standing for two hours during the tour, with brief breaks in between. No one seemed to mind as the time passed too quickly. Everyone agreed that our expectations were exceeded. On a scale of 1 to 10, this was definitely a 10.

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